Education in California has seen a massive transformation in the past forty years. Not only has public funding shifted from schools to prisons, but California now ranks below average or near the bottom across all states in both English and Math test scores. 6 in 10 Californians think state funding for schools is inadequate. A majority support reforming commercial property tax assessment so that the revenue can go to schools. So do I. It’s time we revamped the whole system.

  • It’s time we restored funding of state colleges and universities so that we can reinstate free tuition for California residents. When the University of California (UC) system was created in 1868, tuition was free for all residents. Yet over 150 years later of progress, state tuition fees leave students unable to attend or crippled with debt. No more.

  • 82% of California school parents are concerned about a mass school shooting occurring in their schools. Instead of worrying about exams and class projects, students, parents and educators now have to focus with the very real threat of guns in schools. But I agree with over two-thirds of Californians and school parents that arming teachers is not the solution. The answer to gun violence in schools cannot be more guns in schools. The answer is in sensible gun control that incorporates comprehensive background checks, gun safety education, and enforcement of existing laws.

  • Teachers shape the youth of California, and in doing so, they shape the future of this state. It’s time their true value was reflected with better pay, stable job security, and increased hiring for educators, not administrative staff.

  • In an evolving economic landscape, we need to reprioritize career technical education (CTE) programs as a viable alternative to traditional four-year colleges. A diversified, well-trained workforce makes for a stronger economy and citizenry. In fact, students should receive financial literacy and key life skill classes to ensure they are all well-equipped to navigate a modern economy.